Highland Restaurant 1

Stansborough Conservative Club, Hoddesdon


"Amie well done you absolutely talented and beautiful darling! We came to the matinee and it was a blast to see you doing what you do best"

Kayleigh Marie Luff, Audience Member, 'Positive Vibes' Concert, November 2016


Jubilee Court, Stevenage


"Thank you for a fantastic afternoon.  You helped to create a great atmosphere in the cafe; we were really pleased with how it went."
Ian & Carol, Event Organisers at Jubilee Court, December 2016

Scania House, Hoddesdon


"Just wanted to say a massive “THANK YOU” for singing at our event yesterday. You were absolutely amazing."

Dannielle Bennett, B3 Living Independent Living Officer, November 2016

Highland Restaurant, Broxbourne


"Fantastic voice and personality with a real warmth and generosity to the audience.  A real performer.  Can't wait to see Amie again"

Bill Bloomfield, diner at Highland Restaurant, August 2013, Broxbourne

Highland Restaurant, Broxbourne


"Interaction with her audience, dancing and a song for everyone, from a professional voice that really deserves to be in the west end.  A very enjoyable evening."

Graham Bell, diner at Highland Restaurant, August 2013 

Lindsay Street Association

Highland Restaurant, Broxbourne


"Really, really enjoyed your performance - your song choices were great - exactly what you would expect from a Party Diva.  Can't wait to come and hear you again soon.  You're a star!"

Diane Eaton, diner at Highland Restaurant, August 2013

Lindsey Street Community Association, Epping


"Gorgeous girl with a fantastic voice."

Nina Roby, Lindsey Street Community Member, May 2013 

Carmen, The Old Market, Brighton


"Amie Clapson is a stunning success as the self-serving and wild Carmen, whose charm and bewitchery ensure that the men of Seville find themselves dominated by the petite Clapson, a voice which rules supreme over the auditorium and demands the audience even fall for her charm.  Clapson's pitch-perfect soprano voice dances between taunting Don Jose whilst imprisoned by him, and then powerfully moves to expressing the pain and restrictiveness of a monagamous relationship with Don Jose.  Clapson's versatility as a singer ensures that her portrayal of the capricious Carmen is masterful."

Laura Clenshaw, Broadway Baby, May 2012  



Carmen, The Old Market, Brighton


"...unreserved praise goes to Amie Clapson for a superb performance as Carmen.  This opera stands or falls on the casting of the lead and she runs the gamut of emotions and scores a resounding hit.  She fully embodies the gypsy woman for whom imprisonment or marriage equal death.  Freedom is all to her and she will not settle for less.  From the moment she enters centre stage and thrills us with her beautiful voice singing her theme tune, 'Love is a rebellious bird', she perfectly embodies Carmen with her flashing eyes, pouting lips and swinging hips."

Martin Baron,, May 2012

Carmen, The Old Market, Brighton,


"Carmen herself (Amie Clapson) had enough passion for two, with her strong soaring high notes and a sweet middle register.  She danced, moved and acted with grace and a real fire in her belly.  This is an actress singer to watch!"

Shirley Jaffe, Fringe Review, May 2012

Jack & the Beanstalk, Rotherham Civic Theatre,


"Slimani (Chico from X-Factor) enjoys a duet with Amie Clapson’s fairy, just before the interval, and it hints at a tasty undercurrent to the plot. But alas, the hint goes no further.  Clapson has more time on stage than most fairies and she makes full use of every minute - without upstaging anyone."

Kevin Berry, The Stage, December 2011

Personals 3 - Photography by scarabpictures

Personals, The Bridewell Theatre


"Amie Clapson as "the girl next door" who meets the "boy next door" through the personals also stands out, bringing a sense of truth to everything she does."

Katherine Ives, Tottenham Journal, November 2010

Personals, The Bridewell Theatre


"The six performers form an interesting, well-balanced team, and each is allowed space to show their range.  Special mentions amongst a strong cast;...Amie Clapson for a moving 'Imagine My Surprise'; each of them is believably layered in a range of roles."

Lindsay Richardson, Remotegoat, November 2010


The Tenderland, Cochrane Theatre


"the spritely Amie Clapson as Beth her youngest daughter who dances up a storm. All the company have been chosen for the excellence of their voices..."

Aline Waites, Remotegoat, September 2009

Aladdin, Gala Theatre Durham


"The weakest parts were not Aladdin and Jasmine, despite how wet the lovers can be... luckily Aladdin (Jonathan Hayton) and Jasmine (Amie Clapson) made up for this with their songs.  Clapson was the stronger singer, but didn't get much opportunity to demonstrate it."

Seth Ewin, The British Theatre Guide, December 2008

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